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About us

Who we are

Divorcedparent.org is a community-based group. We share information that helps parents deal with complex and pragmatic issues surrounding divorce and separation.

Our story

My name is Daphne Strassmann and I have first hand knowledge about how difficult it is being a parent going through a divorce. Today I am remarried to a great guy who was also a divorced parent. At times, his experience and mine were and continue to be quite different. Other times we found ourselves nodding vigorously in agreement when our experiences seemed familiar and parallel.

Steve and I were always searching for answers, solutions and tools, and sometimes we found them in unexpected places. Other times, no matter how hard we tried we couldn't find the information we needed. So one day we decided to create a place where parents like us could turn to for answers, inspiration or commiseration. It was our goal to make the format helpful and easy to read. We hope you find this site useful.

What makes us different?

Our guiding principle is that as a parent going through a divorce you do the best you can.

We understand limitations and realities tied into divorce or separation. We support the individual aspects of being a divorced mother or father trying to see their families through divorce.

We also recognize the collective experience from parents, who like ourselves, face every day with the exact same predicaments. We invite input from anyone affected by divorce either in a professional manner, socially or personally.

We want to offer helpful information for parents and their children. We seek to make the information available in a simple and straightforward manner.

Will this cost me anything?

No. Steve and I are doing all the work and we are happy to do it. From time to time, you may find that we have linked a contributor to their professional site. These sites might or might not be directly related to issues of divorcedparent.org, but it is our way of saying thanks for sharing their outlook with us.

The ultimate goal is that divorcedparent.org will become a non-profit organization and that we may be able to publish the information from our contributors in formats which are readily accessible to everyone.

What is your privacy policy?

We do not and will not share or sell any information about you with anyone else. If you choose to sign up for our mailing list we will only use it to stay in touch with you.

You can remove yourself from our mailing list at any time, just click here.