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We have been busy interviewing many people around us who are willing to contribute directly with their knowledge, expertise and background. We are in the process of compiling this information in an easy to read question and answer form.

Here are some topics we're working on:

  • What your children should know and what they shouldn't. [read]
  • Working with a mediator.
  • What is a good parenting plan?
  • What are the guidelines in your state for parenting coordinators?
  • How to maximize the relationship with your parenting coordinator.
  • Collaborative law practice[read].
  • How to celebrate birthday parties when you and your ex are not friendly.
  • How to give your child the tools they need for transitions.
  • How to deal with schools, camps, and extracurricular activities.
  • How to take care of your children while attending to your own emotional needs.
  • His friends, your friends. Who gets the friends?
  • How to establish a healthy routine for your child.
  • Good reading for parents.
  • Good reading for kids.
  • The dreaded court fights.
  • Money and financial health.
  • Communicating with your ex choosing the right style for you.
  • When it is not about the kids.
  • The separation- surviving the in-between space

I have something to say or contribute

We are delighted to hear you want to offer us your special expertise.
Please visit our participation page and send us some email.